Youth Football Summer Camps

About Youth Football Camps

Our curriculum for athletes up to and including 8th grade is second-to-none. No other football instructional organization has come close to duplicating the success Offense-Defense has had in implementing full-contact football with a sterling player safety record.

Young athletes at our events play the game the way it is meant to be played - full speed and full-contact. This accomplishes a couple goals at the same time. First a foremost, campers get a better learning experience learning by doing.

Younger participants improve most when they are able to actively engage in what they're learning as opposed to being told what to expect and not putting their skills to the test until they finally take the field at a later date.

We work comprehensively with our athletes during this process to make sure that as contact is introduced, they are well-equipped to not only deliver tackles and hits in a safe manner, but to receive them safely as well. This method of safe and effective tackling not only serves camp attendees well while they are at an Offense-Defense event - it also remains effective as they take their game into team competition.

To put things simply, by attending an Offense-Defense Camp, young football players become better at football and are better protected from the rigors of the game.

Want to know what's taught to youth players at camp by position? Check it out:

Quarterback - Proper mechanics relating to throwing motion and footwork, reading defenses, handoff/pitch techniques, etc. Running Backs - Receiving the handoff, reading blocks, finishing runs, blocking technique, etc. Wide Receivers - Getting off the line, route running, catching, blocking technique, etc. Offensive Line - Proper pad level, footwork, hand placement, blocking technique, etc.
Defensive Line - Proper pad level, reading the block, block shedding, tackling, pass rush technique, etc. Linebackers - Proper stance, quickly reading pass or run, stopping the run, backpedaling, angles of pursuit, etc. Defensive Backs - Press & zone coverages, backpedaling, body mechanics, how to play the ball, etc. Safeties - Press & zone coverages, backpedaling, body mechanics, how to play the ball, etc.
Full-Contact Youth Football Camp